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Innovative antiques that can light up your drawing room

The drawing or living room of your home is surely the most important space in your abode where you relax with your family as well as entertain close relatives, friends, and guests. If you’ve recently moved in or thinking of redecorating the interiors, you can spruce up your living space, chiefly the drawing room by choosing from a range of vintage orantique home interior designs. However, picking and choosing a style that syncs with your drawing room from a bunch of innovative antique designs is easier said than done.

You’d want the space to mirror the sophistication of the vintage design without making the decor appear old-fashioned and outdated. Hence, finding the perfect balance between antique classicality and modern-day elegance is what ultimately matters. The following tips might go a long way in helping you to find that balancing sweet spot you’re keenly looking for.

Make sure you opt for antiques that are in good condition

If you want your home, especially the living room, to have an unmistakable vintage feel to it, then it is very crucial to create a harmony between the antiques and interiors. Irrespective of the kinds of antiques you choose,   you should make sure that these items would be able to make the guests and visitors feel nostalgic when they gaze at them. By staring at the antique home interior design, one might be able to connect with something striking they had seen in the past or somebody worth remembering they had met.

Talking about antiques, any piece or item just because it happens to be over 200 years old or has been passed down to you as a heirloom, might not be fit the bill. In other words, if the vintage furniture or the antique mirror lying in your attic is damaged or not in a good condition it obviously cannot be a part of the innovative antique design.  Use the following checklist for assessing the condition or state of the traditional items you’ve bought or inherited.

Don’t shy away from experimenting

When it comes to selecting items for your antique home interior layout do not discriminate. Simply put, do not have the misgiving that objects you’ve permanently packed away in boxes or chests may not meet the criteria for being considered as antiques. These items could include aged tea pots, small mirrors, decorative vases and urns, grandfather clocks, and so on.

It could be that you’ve never bothered to take a second look at the aforementioned articles that you bundled away in chests several years ago. You could be saving a good amount of money by pulling out those boxes and chests and opening these up to rummage through items that you had already discarded rather than rushing to the antique dealer.

Also, look for old and dusty coffee table, bedside table, trunk, tea cart, wooden, silver, and ceramic trays and serviettes, candelabras, and so on.  If you find that the artifacts and memorabilia are in one piece, you can restore these by taking a little care. For instance, you can wipe away the dust from vintage furniture and wall clocks, wooden chairs, and tables. See if you can reinstate the original look by repairing the dysfunctional parts and/or giving a fresh coat of paint to some items. 

Position them in a manner that they attract attention

Once you’ve made a list of the antiques that will easily integrate with the innovative antique design format you’ve selected for the living room, you should next focus on their optimal placement. You should position the selected vintage items in a way that these automatically draw the attention of the person who steps into your drawing room. If you can place the objects in the aforementioned manner, you’ll find it more convenient to give perfect shape to your chosen design.

That said, if you own an aged Chippendale or Hooker dining table or book shelf, ensure you place the furniture in a way that it takes center stage. Appropriate positioning not only helps the item to be visible conspicuously from every corner of the room but also puts the accent on the décor. Some people may want to place a large ornamental item for highlighting the interior decoration. For instance, a large mirror, wall art or painting, and even a well-maintained rug could do the trick.

 Intersperse the old with the new

Though antique pieces and vintage items could go a long way in emphasizing the décor of your living room, do not cram the space with only these kinds of objects. After all, you certainly do not want the space to look like a museum or archive. The most innovative antique designs are those which embody tradition and old-world charm yet are in perfect accord with the modern times and can pass off as contemporary styles.

So, if you wish to impart a touch of modernity to the space without sacrificing the classic feel, you’ll need to intersperse your old acquisitions with the latter-day possessions. You could select contemporary items that have been given a varnish or coating that makes them more resistant to wear and tear. At the same time, you’ll easily come across wares that have an ornamental feel to them but also has a design that is in vogue with the times.

Consistency is everything when you are attempting to match classical, antique and modern design elements. At the end of the day, you’d want to room to have a décor that blends in and reflects both the vintage and the modern.

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